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Types of Readings With Melie

My "type or style of reading is both Psychic and Mediumistic...
In collaboration with your Spirit guides and mine, sometimes using divination tools such as tarot cards for reading about your past, present and future life. (Most often I do not need or use a divination tool to "read") These readings are often much like an in depth therapy session. I will help you better understand your life's path, point out the obstacles and the best course to work around or avoid them. I will also allow for time for connecting with spirit loved ones or questions about people and situations in your life.  It is not my guarantee that I can bring through exactly whom you wish to speak with. My best advice is set your intention to be open minded, have faith in your own beliefs and let Spirit do their thing. 

Readings by appointment only.  

Please use inquiry form to obtain appointment:
 Flat Rate

Sessions are 45 min and no longer than 1 hour (because sometimes Spirit does not shut up) 
All  sessions are kept in strict confidence. 

In the unlikely event that I am unable to connect with any spirits during your reading, you will not be charged.

Private one of one sessions are held  in person, via Skype  and/or  phone.

I do not do house parties. 

Payments for phone readings must be paid for in advance.  Please do not pre-pay until you have contacted me and confirmed an appointment. 

*****Please use the form to contact me with any questions and to schedule an appointment******

Bright Blessings!!
Paypal or cash only
No personal checks

Types of Readings with Melie