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About the Sassi Sea Witch
My name is Melie, I am a psychic with the ability to communicate with the dead also known as a Medium. Let me begin by saying, I was born this way, so putting a label to being able to see ,hear and talk to the dead was new to me, and I am still not a fan of labels. 

I always viewed my life as paranormal sitcom, sometimes a blessing and other times a curse. My earliest memory of communicating with Spirit was at the age of 6 and I have been doing so ever since. I grew up in a city and spent many summer days playing kickball, like most kids except when I shouted out, there’s a ghost man on first!, there actually was the ghost of a man on first base and my imaginary friends were not imagined. I did not, however, publicly share that I could see and hear spirits with anyone other than my mother when I was young and then only very close friends as I grew older. I kept this tight to my chest. At times it became a heavy load to bear alone and extremely overwhelming. I had so many questions. Still, I feared how people would react and what they would think more than I feared my gift, my confusion & my need to share. I truly didn’t know how to put it all into words at that time, especially when I couldn’t even explain it myself. In 2003, my grandmother revealed to me, at the passing of my Grandfather that many of my ancestors were healers, seers and spirit communicators. Many people, then and now, with such gifts and abilities are referred to as Witches, though some are, many are not. Sadly, there are still negative thoughts and associations with the word, “Witch”. To my relief and surprise, I finally began to understand why the occult and mysticism resonated so loudly with me. My grandmother’s revelation was the genesis of my obsession to find out more. After extensive research on my ancestry, I found out that I am an eclectic fusion of healers and seers. My maternal roots revealed a lineage of Portuguese Feiticeiras and Sicilian Stregas (Witches) On my paternal side, I uncovered a long line of and Slavic/Norse Czarwonicas (Gypsy/Witches) It took me many years and research to say comfortably & proudly that this is who and what I am. To this day, I am an eternal and insatiable student in regard to all things Occult and Spiritual. While my beliefs are rooted in Pagan culture, I do not preach my way of life or belong to a one particular group or coven. I hold firm in my beliefs & practices, but am open to experiencing other rites and rituals that resonate with me. I embrace the title “Witch” in honor of all my ancestors before me. Though some may find my way of life to be controversial, I firmly believe there is a wee bit of witch in everyone and that no one religion supersedes any other. You will often hear me say “take what you need and leave the rest”. In 2008, upon the sudden passing of a family member and a close friends sibling, I began to seek out others like me. I needed assistance to better understand & to hone my communication skills with Spirit. By no accident, I found Rita Strauss Berkowitz and Katherine Glass. Rita  became a mentor and Katherine my Soul Sister, trusted friend and demonstration partner.   They both have taught me as much about my gift as they have  about myself.  Rita was instrumental in guided me on how to take control when  communicating with spirit, one at a time, versus the rush of noise I often experienced. I am forever grateful for her insight and her light.  Katherine is a constant in my life and I can not imagine my world with out her being a part of it, she teaches me how to slow down and take time to heal myself and meditate, so I can do this work with pureness of heart and soul.  

Since 2008 I have been doing readings privately and in public forums on my terms and discretion. This is not how I make a living, it is my way of life, nor would  I ever want  to call this work a "business" or "industry"  I myself am quite tired of the media frenzy that has taken place with and about people like me. There are many bullshitters out there as well as their are  vulnerable needy people that get taken in by charlatans . It took me most of my life to decide that I wanted to do this with and for the public, especially because this work is sacred to me and it is the equivalent to therapy for many, therefore my clients are assured anonymity unless they choose to tell their experience on their own accord .  I am extremely confident in my craft, I am known to capture my audience with such unfiltered articulation of messages, roaring humor and great depth. I will not hesitate to tell you "nope I got nothing" I can not promise I will bring through the loved one you seek from the other side. I do not bring religion into my readings either, I am not a God or Goddess, nor have I been to Summerland/Heaven or any other  ethereal  place. My beliefs/religion or practices may not be the same as my clients or my audience and for that reason I will never make reference to where your loved one may be, I myself am still curious where they go, but I do know without doubt they visit when they want. I make no promises or guarantees, I give what I get psychically as well as mediumisticly (is this even a word??) I can not read everyone, not everyone can be read, please do not believe anyone that tells you otherwise. I believe in law of attraction, and being that I am a true New Englander,  the Spirit I encounter are often of the like. I honor my work by honoring the Spirits that guide me and come to me, and well I just like to keep it real and pay it forward. 
Merry Part and Bright Blessings!!